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“Learn, Lead, Inspire” June Conference- Group Harvest Summary

In the link below you will find a summary of the group discussion portion of the conference. This activity looked at contributing factors (at client, system and service provider/personal levels)  to supporting successful outcomes.  Thanks to all who attended and participated.   Group Harvest

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June is Brain Injury Awareness Month!!

We’ve got a lot of events happening around Southeastern Ontario to recognize the strength of survivors in our midst. If you’re one of them, take a moment to recognize the incredible challenges you have faced and persevered through. Join in a brain injury event near you – there are lots to choose from!

In Brockville, the Community Brain Injury Services (CBIS) will be hosting an Awareness Walk at the 1000 Islands Mall, June 17th. In Kingston, CBIS hosts a Brain Injury Picnic for clients and families on June 26th. In Belleville, The Brain Injury Association of Quinte District hosts a Vigil June 1st, and an Art Show at the Belleville Library with a reception June 11th at 4 pm. Also in Belleville, Pathways to Independence hosts a walk on June 27th at Zwicks Park.

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Free Workshop for Community Professionals!

Date: Wednesday March 30, 2016 Hosted By: SEO ABI System Navigation Presenter: Shannon McCallum Accommodating a person with a brain injury means that services are provided in a manner that takes into consideration the needs of the individual. Providing accommodations creates an opportunity to address potential barriers

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New Navigator Introduction

My name is Shannon McCallum, and I will be filling the role of System Navigator during Rachael Henry’s maternity leave. I have worked for Providence Care for a number of years in the areas of mental health, and rehabilitation both in the hospital and community setting. I look forward to continuing the efforts of System Navigation in this region. My contact information is as listed at the bottom of the screen.

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CBIS Creative Coping Conference for Family

The Providence Care Community Brain Injury Services is offering the “Creative Coping” Conference for family and friends of brain injury survivors. The event will be held on October 29, 2015 in Kingston. Linda Lowery will provide the keynote address, speaking of her experiences following her 22 year old son’s traumatic brain injury. As well there will time time for small group discussions and self-care workshops in a number of areas. There is no cost but registration is required. For more information, please visit our Upcoming Events page.

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Local Concussion Service Directory Launched!

The period of time following a concussion is difficult. The sufferer may be wondering many things, such as returning to work or sports, how to deal with lingering symptoms, and what they can do to make the best possible recovery. We’ve developed a Local Concussion Service Directory to assist individuals following a concussion in locating various specialists closer to home. It’s searchable, and features listings within or close to Southeastern Ontario – making it easier to find help when you’re in need.
I’d also like to enlist you as members of the community to share your recommendations with me. If you’ve had great support through your concussion recovery, let’s make sure we share with others who are going through the same thing. If you’re a service provider who is providing support it would be great to hear from you directly!

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Read our Newsletter

Did you know that System Navigation produces a newsletter twice a year? Within it, you can get a glimpse of all our activities and initiatives over the past 6 months, and a head’s up on what is to come. If you join our mailing list you’ll get one delivered to your inbox, but if you want to see what we’ve been doing up till now, check out our archives. A Spring 2015 issue is waiting to be read!

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Learning more from video links on our site!

If you are looking to further develop your knowledge of brain injury, be sure to visit our presentations library on this site, which includes links to video presentations as well as slideshows to help bring your professional knowledge to the next level. In addition, the caregiver & survivor education series contains a number of video presentations which support family members and brain injury survivors to further their knowledge of brain injury and identify helpful strategies to address ongoing concerns.

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Investigating Caregiver Support Needs

Family members often find themselves taking on new roles when a loved one sustains a brain injury. While their loved one is coming to terms with their injury and engaging in the rehabilitation process, they are standing on the sidelines helping wherever they can. The practical and emotional support they offer is priceless, but often pushes them to their limits. Because of this, we’re investigating how caregivers can be better supported themselves in Southeastern Ontario. Is there a need for more support groups? Respite programs? Something else? If you’re close to someone who’s sustained an ABI, please take a couple of minutes to complete this short survey to share your thoughts. If you know other caregivers, please share the link and so we can hear from as many of you as possible!

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Wondering About your Brain Health?

I have often fielded the question of “What will happen to me as I get older” from individuals who have sustained a brain injury. They are often concerned about developing Alzheimer or other types of dementia as they age. Although there is never a black or white answer, research has developed a new tool to help better predict when concerns are warranted. Cogniciti Inc., a for-profit brain health solutions company and Bayshore Health Sciences, located in Toronto, have developed a free online brain health test that will help those in the 50 to 79 age bracket put their worries about memory changes to rest.

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Join in Brain Injury Survivor and Family Education Groups from Your Own Home!

After a brain injury occurs, the survivor and their family members may find themselves with unanswered questions, even months or years down the road. Finding the right information can be hard, especially if traveling to services is difficult. In response to these situations, Parkwoods Hospital, based in London Ontario has created a video archive of presentations to their ABI Survivor and Family Education Group. Topics include dealing with anger and frustration, fatigue, pain, nutrition, coping strategies, addiction, and much more. You can watch from any computer with internet, at your own pace.

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New Group Takes Action After Concussion

Although most individuals with a concussion will make a quick recovery, research shows that approximately 1 in 10 will continue to experience symptoms long term and may have trouble meeting the demands of daily life. Traditionally, Community Brain Injury Services have focused on the needs of people with moderate and severe brain injuries, but in recent times have found an increasing demand for services after concussion. Due to this need, they will be partnering with local health services across southeastern Ontario to offer the Post Concussion Action Group…

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Psychiatry Expertise for ABI Now Available!

We are very pleased to welcome psychiatrist Dr. Al-Mousawi to the Regional Community Brain Injury Services (RCBIS) team. For many years it has been a struggle to find appropriate psychiatric services for individuals with ABI who have mental health symptoms. Although family doctors and community mental health services are typically the first stop for support, brain injury can necessitate greater expertise in prescribing treatment options.

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Concussion recovery delayed by mental activity, study shows

CBC News has reported on a new study finding that young people may delay their recovery from concussion sympoms dramatically, as a result of participating in strenous mental activities. While youth who avoided too much mental stimulation took on average 20 to 50 days to fully recover, those who participated in a high level of mental activity took an average of 100.

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Forget big change, start with a tiny habit

I’ve been watching quite a bit of YouTube lately in the search for the next great brain injury speaker to invite to our neck of the woods. Although I’m not ready to announce the details for our next conference, I am excited to share a great concept from a fellow named BJ Fogg using tiny habits like flossing 1 tooth, to lead towards bigger habits (I’m assuming in this case you’d eventually want to get your whole mouth clean). It’s a simple concept, really, but also amazingly powerful when you think about it.

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System Navigation honoured with City of Kingston Access Award

Last Tuesday members of the System Navigation team attended the City of Kingston Municipal Accessibility Advisory Committee 2013 Access Awards. As the ceremony began and nomintees were listed, we heard of the many creative and compassionate ways that individuals and organizations had responded…

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“Take Care of That Awesome Brain of Yours!”

Check out this YouTube video “Concussion 101 a Primer for Kids and Parents” by Dr. Mike Evans

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Local Health Integration Network Survey

The Local Health Integration Network (LHIN) is working on a project to redesign the way Addictions and Mental Health Services are provided. They are currently looking for feedback on the plan they have created…

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Collaboration Underway: Long Term Care and ABI

A joint Acquired Brain Injury and Long-Term Care Symposium was held on October 15, 2013. The Symposium was created in response to ongoing requests for support from long term care homes to meet the needs of their residents with ABI.

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Recovery and YouTube?!?

I have been doing a lot of searches online looking for brain injury resouces and have stumbled into what may seem like an unlikely source: YouTube!

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