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I’ve been watching quite a bit of YouTube lately in the search for the next great brain injury speaker to invite to our neck of the woods.  Although I’m not ready to announce the details for our next conference, I am excited to share a great concept from a fellow named BJ Fogg using tiny habits like flossing 1 tooth, to lead towards bigger habits (I’m assuming in this case you’d eventually want to get your whole mouth clean). 

It’s a simple concept, really, but also amazingly powerful when you think about it.  You might balk at the option to sign up for a marathon, but can you committ to walking around the block?  When we break things down into tasks that seem managable, we give ourselves the chance for the behaviour to become a habit before upping the anty.  There is no end to the ways this might be applied to someone learning new strategies after a brain injury.  Perhaps you can’t handle the vigours of a busy work day, but can you manage a trip to a neighbour’s for a 5 minute visit?  If you’re not sure how to use that dayplanner, why not just start by opening it each morning as you eat breakfast?   In time, these habits give way to even greater ones, as we develop and grown into our potential. 

I encourage you to take the chance to watch!