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What is “System Navigation”:

A Brief History

The concept of system navigation in acquired brain injury was developed after a 2004 report identified gaps in the coordination of ABI services. As a result, it was proposed that a strategy of service coordination at the local level be developed. System navigation programs have also been unveiled in many other sectors, including mental health, addictions, and developmental services. In 2010 this became a reality in the South East Ontario LHIN. In the fall of 2011 a System Navigator was hired to facilitate these linkages within the system, both between local service providers and across the province.

Where We Are Now

System navigation is a task that involves collaboration from many people. Individuals seeking support for themselves may meet with a Service Coordinator who accepts individual referrals, provides education, makes people aware of the resources within the community, and helps them to get the services they need. The System Navigator works at a system-level to foster working relationships and educate the community at large. In addition, information about the needs of those living with brain injury will be collected to help plan for the future.

Referral for Services

Southeastern Ontario is a large region, comprised of many smaller communities who each have access to a unique range of ABI services.  By contacting ABI System Navigation of Southeastern Ontario you will be provided with referral services to ensure you are aware of the full range of services in your area. The system navigator works with the local brain injury service providers in each community to identify other sources of support within the community.  Requests for assistance can be made by the individual themselves, loved ones, or professionals involved.  This can be done by phone or by completing an online referral form and sending it to us.

A short intake will be conducted.

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