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Consultation and Navigation

System Navigation provides a number of services to professionals to increase knowledge and competence while working with individuals affected by acquired brain injury (ABI). We can provide individualized consultations to address concerns relating to a specific case, or more generalized training to provide an overview the implications of an ABI as well as the strategies which may be used to make interventions more effective.

Referral to Brain Injury Services

If you are aware of an individual who may benefit from specialized ABI rehabilitation or support services, you can refer them to System Navigation by completing a referral form. Through this referral, they will be assessed and matched with the most appropriate ABI services in their own communities. We may also be able to access provincial resources for additional support under special circumstances. In addition, individuals can access waiting lists to services such as supportive housing options in this manner as well.


It is important to recognize that although ABI service providers have specialized knowledge regarding brain injury, they may not have training in other areas such as addictions or mental health. It is important for you to share your own expertise through consultation or collaboration in order to meet the needs of the whole person.  The client will be best served by working together collaboratively.