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The survivor and family education series is a forum open to individuals with acquired brain injury, their family, and friends. The goals of the series are to share education and information, provide opportunities to meet other individuals and family members affected by brain injury, and to encourage peer support.

Sessions are broadcast from Parkwoods Hospital in London, Ontario, and linked with several sites across Ontario where participants are able to participate live.


 Brain Injury 101 – Part 1

 Brain Injury 101 – Part 2

 Practical Strategies for Managing your Life

Coping with Anger and Frustration Following Brain Injury

Return to School Following a Brain Injury – Supports & Strategies

Minding your P’s: The Importance of Pacing and Planning Activities After Brain Injury

Survivor Stories

Vision & Hearing Issues Following ABI 

The Brain Behind the Eyes: Using Vision Rehab to Help Recover from Brain Injury

Role Changes Following ABI 

Psychiatric Aspects of Brain Injury 

Chronic Pain

Sleep Problems

Addiction Issues

Nutrition Considerations for People with ABI

List of Archived Content from additional years of Parkwoods Broadcasts:

How to Access Archived Webcasts

OBIA Webinars

  1. 90-minute webinar on Pacing & Planning Strategies to help after Acquired Brain Injury/Concussion. The webinar was presented by Becky Moran, OT, St. Joseph’s Health Care London.

Download slides for the presentation here

Follow the link to watch it at  WEBINAR on  Pacing & Planning Strategies to help after Acquired Brain Injury/Concussion

2. 90-minutes webinar on Practical Strategies for Achieving Success After mTBI. The webinar was presented by Katie Hill, who works as a Personal Effectiveness Training Program Coordinator at Brain Injury Community Re-entry.

Download slides for the presentation here

Following the link to watch it at  WEBINAR on Practical Strategies for Achieving Success after mTBI.

Positive Approach: A Four Part Life Skills Zoom Series

Brain Injury Association of Durham Region (BIAD) is has four on demand life skills session with Heather Campbell, BHSc, MScOT, OT Reg. (Ont.) Occupational Therapist from the Positive Approach.

Watch on demand of Session One:

Slides available here

Session one covered the following topics:

  • Hydration
  • Nutrition
  • Sleep and Wake Cycles
  • Movement
  • Social Connection with Others
  • Breathing
  • The Mind and Emotions

Watch on demand of Session Two: 

Slides available here

Session two covered the following topics:

  • How to Successfully Organize your Week
  • Routines
  • S.M.A.R.T. Goals
  • Energy Conservation (Planning, Pacing, Prioritizing, Posture)
  • Balance of Activity and Rest

Watch on demand of Session Three:

Slides available here

Session three covered the following topics:

Practical Ways to be Kind to Yourself

  • Positive Self-Talk
  • Staying connected to the important people in your life (in person, phone, email, video chat)
  • Managing Expectations, and breaking goals down into manageable chunks.
  • Relaxation and Deep Breathing
  • Mindfulness and Meditation
  • Exercise and Movement
  • Brief Review of Pillars of Health and Self-Care, and Energy Conservation, Daily Routines

Watch on demand of Session Four:

Slides available here

Session four covered the following topics:

Internal and External Strategies for Cognitive Challenges.

  • An internal strategy requires you to mentally process and think about information in a different way. You are “re-teaching” your brain new ways to do things. This happens within yourself.
  • An external strategy is a cognitive aid that you can physically touch OR A strategy/aid that exists outside of yourself.

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