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It is quite common for the spouse or family of an individual who has survived a brain injury to have conflicting feelings.  You may be very happy that your loved one has survived their injury, but also very worried about the future and how you both will cope.  This can be a difficult and uncertain time.   You may be fortunate to have someone close to confide in, but for others they find that those around them do not fully understand what it is like to have a loved one living with an ABI.  Some find it is helpful to see a social worker or counsellor to discuss their concerns in a confidential and non-judgmental atmosphere. Many people also find it helps to connect with an ABI support group in your area.

Many family members find it is healthy to help their loved one to engage in activities outside of the home, as this can be mutually beneficial.  Your loved one has the opportunity to meet others and engage in enjoyable activities and you have the chance to relax and focus on your own needs for a time.   You may feel like you should be able to manage on your own, but in reality it is often much healthier and happier for all involved when there is the opportunity to engage in activities separately.  You will both lead more interesting and enriched lives as a result, and the time you share together will be more positive.

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