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I have often fielded the question of “What will happen to me as I get older” from individuals who have sustained a brain injury.  They are often concerned about developing Alzheimer or other types of dementia as they age.  Although there is never a black or white answer, research has developed a new tool to help better predict when concerns are warranted. Cogniciti Inc., a for-profit brain health solutions company and  Bayshore Health Sciences, located in Toronto, have developed a free online brain health test that will help those in the 50 to 79 age bracket put their worries about memory changes to rest.  Participants can complete a test in approximately 30 minutes which will help to assess whether their memory is within normal ranges, as well as track changes through repeated testing over time.  When completed, it will provide you with recommendations, including a report  on the results which can be printed and shared with your doctor.  Visit the Cogniciti Test Centre   to try it out!